Wedding Videography

If there was one question we always hear from couples who are considering videography, it would definitely be, “When are we ever going to watch this?” And we can absolutely understand where they are coming from. Historically, videography has received a bad reputation, from the Uncle Bobs in the 80s with the huge shoulder camcorders and blinding video lights to the America’s Funniest Home Video potato-quality footage.  

That’s not us.

Our mission is to tell the story of your lives, your wedding day, and your love for each other.  If you think about a traditional theatrical film, there are usually characters, a plot, and a captivating story to engage the audience.  We incorporate these same elements in our films as well as stunning visuals and crisp, high quality audio.  We aim to provide a high-end product that not only looks gorgeous and sounds amazing, but carries the ability to be watched and re-watched over and over again.

We invite you to experience some wedding film trailers we have produced below and see for yourself what is possible from a wedding film.  We hope you enjoy what you see and we look forward to telling the story of your lives!

Wedding videography packages start at $2,499 for 6 hours of coverage.

Erin & Ryan - The Hill at Hudson Valley


Amanda & Dan - La Bella Vista, Waterbury CT - 5.13.17

Natasha & BJ - Cranbury Park - Norwalk CT  - June 11, 2016

Jessica & Jesse - Bill Miller's Castle - Branford CT - June 26, 2016


Brooke & Dan - Aria, Prospect CT - July 22, 2016

Megan & Chris - The Inn at Longshore, Westport, CT - May 29, 2016

Ashley and Ben - Aria, Prospect CT - 5/21/2015

We have known Ben for quite some time, and during this time he was the awesome guy who kept our drinks topped off at TGI Fridays. When he asked us to be a part of his wedding day, we couldn't help but jump at the opportunity to hang out with our favorite bartender.  And spoiler alert - he's still awesome, and he married an awesome wife to compliment his awesomeness.

We usually write quick blurbs on the wedding day, but this time we will let the video speak for itself. Okay maybe just one word. Perfection. 

Bryanna & Dan - Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod MA

When we first met with Bryanna and Dan, Bryanna told us how much her mother’s wedding film meant to her.  We sat down and watched it together, the film that she had seen so many times before. The funny thing was that by the look on her face it appeared as if it was first time she had seen it as she pointed out all the details and all the action with a huge smile on her face.  We knew that we had to create a film of the same magnitude so she could relive those same moments within her own video. 

The wedding was set in Cape Cod at the gorgeous Chatham Bars Inn, the epitome of a perfect New England setting.  As Bryanna’s step-father was delivering his speech, he read a poem that he felt described their love accurately, and he couldn’t have been more right.  We used the audio from his speech for this wedding trailer to help tell the story of Bryanna and Dan from a person who knows them best, and it truly ties the video together.  

Jessie and Zach - Candlewood Inn, Brookfield CT

We had been working on an idea for a mini feature film for quite some time, and everything fell into place when we met Jessie and Zach. They told the story behind their engagement, how Zach proposed, and best of all, it was all filmed by Jessie’s father.  We immediately knew we wanted to incorporate the proposal video into the film and seamlessly transition the two into the wedding day footage.  Using interviews from the two of them, we were able to create a film trailer that we had envisioned for many months, and could not have been happier with the result.